Are you seeking a work visa to operate a business or work in the United States?

Foreign entrepreneurs often have a difficult time getting a work visa in the U.S. because our country does not offer a “startup visa” or any other option well-suited for startup founders.  This prevents many founders from legally working in the U.S., effectively managing their businesses, or obtaining funding.  I have the expertise to utilize existing work visas for the unique needs of tech startup founders and early-stage companies in technology and other fields.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to operate a business here, a U.S.-based company that would like to employ foreign talent, or a professional who wants to work in the United States, I can help you obtain the legal status you need.

Contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique situation and learn how I can help.

And of course, if you are an individual seeking a green card to reunite your family, I can help with that as well.

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